Artist Narrative


From early childhood I have always drawn, carved, and painted; this has been the way I found I could best discover myself.


I think of painting as an inward dialogue between myself and the canvass. I begin a memory, be it a person, place or situation. Then through my work try to invoke the emotional response I had at the time.


I make marks, create interstices, calling on my training and intuition to create, destroy, verify, or try a new idea. It is much like an intense conversation, back and forth, being willing to risk, always trying to simplify¸ down to the core truth between us – the canvass and me.


There is another dialogue – that which goes on between my work and the viewer. My hope is that the viewer will discover their own understanding of the work. For the creative process includes both the artist and the viewer’s seeing.


For me painting could be called a spiritual exercise, because I believe that if you pay attention – focused attention – on anything, you will come to a place of seeing with compassion and love.

© 2015 by Margot Campbell Gross.

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